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Online Reputation Management - Boost the ratings of your Google & Facebook business page

Social media and Search Engine have greatly changed the way people shop. They no longer visit every shop on the market to buy the product they desire. Instead, they make their decision as per the word of mouth and recommendations they get from social media and search engine platforms, Google and Facebook in particular.

Facebook, without a doubt, is one of the most used social media networks. Apart from socializing, it has provided business entities, of every scale and nature, a platform to market their products/services. The ‘recommendation’ and ‘review’ features help their existing and potential customers to take the decision. The more recommendations and reviews a brand have in its favor, the more there will be chances of traffic and leads generation.

It can prove to be quite hard work for a business entity to convince their customer to leave a favorable review or for them. Not every customer they serve use social media or is fond of leaving reviews. Therefore, getting enough reviews and recommendations to convince potential customers can take quite a long time for them. Under these circumstances, they may end up losing out on potential customers.

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