Email Marketing in China & Asia

email marketing in china

What We Do

Email marketing gets results. That’s the reason it’s been one of the leading marketing techniques for years. And, while Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click may be the new, fashionable way to attract customers, email marketing still delivers huge results and brand engagement for the Gaming, eSports, Forex and Trading industries in China and Asia.

As specialists in email marketing, we plan, write and design the whole campaign for you. We’ll even get the customer email lists for you, despatch the emails, then track and optimize everything, guaranteeing a click-through-rate that is better than your industry average.

For you, that means more conversions.

Here’s How We Help You

Customer Email List Acquisition

If you’ve got your own email list – great! If not, it’s no problem. We’ll put together quality lists of emails for people in China, and Asia, who would be interested in engaging with your brand.

Newsletter Design & Blasting

Our team of designers are awesome! And, that means your emails and newsletters will be. The result: when we despatch your emails, your audience will convert.

Conversion Rate Tracking & Optimization

You’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest conversion rate tracking to ensure your iGaming, eSports, Forex or Trading business remains at its peak. And, by constantly optimizing and evolving your emails, your conversion rates will stay sky high.

The Result

Get ready for a huge boost in conversions! Through years of successful email marketing, we’ve developed the model, and a skilled team, that guarantees a click-through rate to boast about.

So, if you want to interact with your customers, drive conversions and increase revenue, email marketing is the way to go!