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Advertise More for Less with Google and Baidu Rebates

The internet is the current playground for marketers today, and Google and Baidu take the lion’s share. Google is the biggest search engine globally with the exception of China. Baidu accounts for over 74% of China’s search market. Google is the ultimate gateway to the global online marketing market, but if you want to venture into China’s vast online market then you have to go through Baidu. 

Both Google and Baidu offer paid online advertising services to anyone who can afford it. Cost efficiency is one of the focal points of smart marketing, and one way to be cost effective on these dominant online platforms is by taking advantage of their rebates programs.

About Google and Baidu Rebates

There is unlimited space for advertising on Google and Baidu, and both online platforms are always trying to drive in more marketers. Among other strategies, these platforms offer their top-paying marketers incentives in the form of rebates. These rebates are meant to save marketers money on their paid adverts, and by doing so they incentivize the marketers to spend more money on more adverts. It is a win-win situation for everyone, and as a marketer you get to save a pretty penny.

Google and Baidu Rebates through ViceClicks

We are ViceClicks, one of the leading digital marketers in China and the rest of Asia. We work with both Google and Baidu to market a variety of products and services in the gaming, eSports, Forex, and finance industries. We also help thousands of marketers seeking to venture into the Asian markets market their products here. 

Besides being one of the leading digital markets in China and the rest of Asia, we are also an authorized rebates agency. This means that we are authorized by both Google and Baidu to offer advertisers like yourself rebates of up to 5% of your expenditure on paid online marketing services.

How It Works

We make it easy for ordinary advertisers like you to qualify for Google and Baidu rebates. The requirements and processes are simple and straightforward. 

The main requirement for qualifying for the rebates programs is by meeting the spending threshold set by Google and Baidu. The amount varies depending on the platform, but is should be easy to meet for most dedicated marketers. If you meet the threshold, then you can take advantage of the rebates programs through our platform. 


Here is how you can join our platform to become one of our partners: 

Once you qualified by meeting the set threshold, we will provide the rebates promptly at the beginning of the following month. You will not only save money; you will also expand your reach by rolling out more adverts on Google and Baidu. 

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Get On Board!!

ViceClicks is poised to take over digital marketing in the Chinese and Asia spheres, and we are glad to bring you onboard. Sign up for our rebates program and get more for less on your online marketing campaigns.