Mass Messaging Solutions

Viceclicks telemarketing China

What We Do

Introducing our new Artificial Intelligence(AI) broadcasting system which is capable to automate thousands of outbound calls in every single day. Cold calling with AI turns sales calls on its head, allowing sales professionals to target only interested individuals and personalize their message accordingly.

Our focus is your customer. That’s the reason why we always increase sales revenue. By acquiring new customers, increasing customer retention and nurturing your VIPs, we can upsell and cross-sell effectively. And, that means rapid sales growth.

Here’s How We Help You

Acquire New Customers

Because we constantly discover and engage with new people for you, you’ll always have a fresh group of customers.


Customer Loyalty and Retention

There’s no better way to keep your customer active and provide an awesome experience, than telemarketing. By speaking to your customer and meeting their needs, you’re ensuring that they keep reinvesting in your business.


Up-selling and Cross-selling

The easiest, and most cost effective, way to sell more is to sell to existing customers. And, that’s exactly what telemarketing is all about. You’ll achieve rapid revenue growth by promoting different services to existing players and boosting their engagement with your brand.


Nurturing VIP Players

We seek out new VIP customers for you to help promote more conversions and higher spend, while encouraging existing customers to enroll into your VIP programs.

The Result

Our successful CRM model; professional, well-trained staff; Artificial Intelligence broadcasting system; and contemporary telesales techniques are the reason our clients have the strongest bonds with their customers. And, this will be the same for you.

By deploying our telesales campaign, you’ll enjoy a huge growth in business, which is ideal for smashing quarterly targets.