Baidu PPC

baidu ppc

Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising

We are certified Baidu Advertising experts. Baidu advertising is crucial to the success of your business in China, so let us help you with your Baidu PPC account application and management projects.

ViceClicks has a great deal of experience in Chinese PPC management. As an expert on the art of spending less and doing more, ViceClicks optimizes every aspect of your PPC campaign, driving the target audience to your website at the lowest costs

Why Work with ViceClicks

Quicker & Easier

We can bring you a quicker and easier account application process

Native Chinese Experts

We are native Chinese PPC experts. We know the language and the market well

Full Ownership

You own your Baidu PPC account, even when not working with us​

How We Help

We take a standardized PPC management process. Our service package includes:

Account Application & Setup

Baidu has very strict policies for foreign companies. As Baidu advertising experts, we will take care of all Baidu's requirements on your behalf and make the whole application process painless.The account will be registered under the entity of your business. You will have full ownership of the Baidu advertising account

Keyword Research

Keywords are what your potential customers use to express their demands, which makes keyword research a crucial step for any search marketing campaign. ViceClicks utilizes Baidu’s paid keyword API protocols, which generate the most accurate keyword data available.

Campaign Strategy

When the keyword list is finalized, we will categorize them into different campaigns and ad groups, to ensure your Baidu advertising campaign is easy to maintain, track and scale.

Landing Page Design

Letting the potential customers come to your website is the start, not the end. Shifu will review and optimize the landing pages for better user experience and conversion rates, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Ads Content Creation

Good ads content works like a spider web – it only catches the right visitors, while filtering out irrelevant searchers without letting them wasting your campaign budget. Our strong creative writing team will create and review ads content on a regular basis, to ensure the ads content looks attractive and targets precisely.

Data Monitoring & Analysis

To help you spend less and do more, data analysis is a key step. We use popular traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics, to monitor the campaigns and find the room for improvement for your Baidu advertising campaigns.