Best 100+ blog commenting sites (high DA) links

Best 100+ blog commenting sites (high DA) links

Best 100+ blog commenting sites (high DA) links

Blog commenting is one the most fruitful ways to boost a website or blog traffic in digital marketing. It helps to gain backlinks to build links for your own website. In return, it boosted your website’s popularity and indirectly gained more conversion of the products or services. Now, let’s look at the basic information regarding blog commenting and those recommended links!

What is blog commenting? 

Comment is to express one’s thought or opinion in verbal form. Hence, for blog commenting, it simply means the commentation in blogs, between bloggers and blog readers. This is how the bloggers interact with their blog readers, where readers express their opinions and thoughts of the content verbally in the blog while the bloggers react and give their response towards the comments received. All of this keeps the blogs interesting and attracts more visitors. 

Pros of using blog commenting sites

There are countless blog commenting sites but only the higher rank ones get you do-follow backlinks and the do-follow backlinks will redirect internet users to your own blog or website which in turn boosted your website traffic and gained more business opportunities. Here’s some of the benefits of using blog commenting sites. 

  • These sites provide do-follow backlinks which pass the link juice to your own blog/website
  • Increases targeted audience to your blog/website 
  • Helps to boost conversion range of your business 
  • Helps to popularize your brand and establish your brand’s identity
  • Enhances the visibility to the right visitors
  • Increases followers to your blog/website 
  • Build a reliable relationship with the visitors and convert them into customers

How to use blog commenting sites? 

For instance, if you are in the cosmetic industry, you will get to include your business details when you comment on all the cosmetic relevant blog commenting sites in which more targeted internet users will be drawn to your website. So, here’s how to do it: 

  • Choose the high domain authority (DA) blog commenting sites 
  • Select the topics to read in the blog which is relevant to your business or hobby 
  • Read and understand the chosen topic’s content 
  • Scroll down to reach the blog’s comment section 
  • Fill in your comment in the comment box along with other enquiries. 
  • Post the comment 

That’s it! Please remember, your comments must be relevant to the blog’s content or topic which you can express your opinion on it or compliment the blogger. Otherwise, it can reflect badly on your own blog/website, thus ruining the reputation of your brand. 

Do’s and Don’ts for blog commenting sites 


  • Comment things that are relevant to the blogs or conversations 
  • Share own comments on different social media handles 


  • Do not replicate all of the blog’s original content down in the comment section 
  • Do not comment and leave forever 
  • Do not leave links that are irrelevant to the content or topic  

List of recommended high DA blog commenting sites: 

  1. Social media and digital marketing blogs 

2. Technology Blogs 

3. Finance blogs 

4. Legal law blogs 

5. Health blogs 

6. Travel blogs 

7. Real estates blogs 

8. Free SEO blogs 

9. Blog commenting sites that never seen on other blogs 

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