What is Toutiao?

What is Toutiao?

What is Toutiao?


Toutiao(also known as “JinRiTouTiao” is the heart of content marketing in China (btw “Toutiao” translates as “headline”). Using complex AI-based algorithms, the platform aggregates various sources of content and creates personalized news feeds for its users. You can think of it as BuzzFeed for China with a few differences.

First, Toutiao doesn’t have in-house writers. All the content that users see in their news feeds comes from third-party companies and is picked based on their personal preferences. Second, Toutiao is heavily focused on short videos. In fact, it has an entire ecosystem of controlled platforms that produce media content.


Every content creation platform

The vast majority of users is under 30 years old provides a ton of opportunities for marketing.

But what really makes Toutiao a perfect place for promoting your business is that the platform doesn’t have any extra features like in-app games or messaging. The platform provides nothing but the content.

Yes, you heard that correctly. There is nothing to distract users from reading articles or watching videos.

A Little Marketing Tip for Toutiao

A great brief inspires great ideas. A bad brief inspires nothing but folded up paper airplanes. Here are four things to consider when writing your
next creative brief.

1. Remember your audience.

A creative person can smell a marketing cliche a mile away. Worse, marketing cliches are kryptonite when it comes to a creative person’s superpower, creativity.The creative brief needs to be written in a way that will hold the attention of creative people.

2. Keep it to a single page.

If your briefing is 30 pages long, that’s a start, but you’re not done yet. It’s called a “brief” for a reason. Because you don’t know who knows what the creatives will respond to, so you show them everything. BUT, everything isn’t inspiring. Everything is overwhelming. Forcing yourself to keep the brief to a single page will also force you to avoid redundancies from section to section.

3. Inspire with carefully placed tension.

Creative people love solving problems. It’s why they are in advertising. it’s important to remember that the creative brief is not the answer, it’s a starting point. Creative people don’t want answers prescribed to them, they want problems to solve.

4. Don’t forget “Tone.”

We knew who we were talking to, we had a great angle in our strategy, all the support points lined up, but we didn’t discuss the intangibles like the brand’s personality, or tone. And so we presented ads with the tone of a beer brand to an educational institution.

Resource from : https://www.azoyagroup.com/blog/view/what-is-toutiao/

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