10 tips to secure your email marketing campaigns in China

10 tips to secure your email marketing campaigns i …

10 tips to secure your email marketing campaigns in China

Deliver good email marketing in China, your email campaign has to be technically ready and rich in content. It’s also important to adjust your strategy to the China mentality. Below are the 10 tips to create the right email to communicate with your China customers!

1. Local server for high deliverability

Due to internet censorship, emails sent from a foreign server will likely be blocked or end up in a spam folder. To achieve a high delivery rate, make sure that your email server is physically located in China.

2. Get along with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

Major ISPs in China (e.g. QQ, NetEase) have their own anti-spam rules. Breaking these rules will bring negative results: being marked as a spammer or blocked by the provider. Here are some tips need to follow:

  • The balance between text and images.
  • Each link and picture should have a title. No broken links.
  • The subject line is better short than long.
  • Be careful with sensitive words.

3. Control your volume

If you are planning to send millions of emails, you may plan your schedule sending beforehand. We always recommend companies send their emails in batches, so as to maintain the reputation and quality of your IP address.

4. What do you mean by ‘no reply’?

Email is one of the most important communication channels between you and your customers. Do not adding a ‘no-reply’ in your email address, so that you can communicate with your customers directly.

5. Responsive design

Over 50% of the China consumers open emails on their cell phones and other mobile devices. So, make sure that your email fits well on all screens.

6. Be relevant or nobody cares

Generic emails are extremely old school. The right way is to know the preference of each of your customers and only send them information that triggers their interests.

7. Be sparkling, flashy, and fancy

China consumers are attracted to strong visual effects, adjust your design according to their mentality.

8. Multichannel approach

Of course, marketing communication is not all about email. It’s always a great idea to integrate email with SMS, website and social media, and etc. to create a multichannel approach. In this way, you manage to get in touch with your customer no matter which platform they are using.

9. Be consistent and transparent

While trying to come up with the most attractive subject line possible, do not over exaggerate or create the ‘false expectation’.

10. Implement double opt-in & make unsubscribe possible.

These practices is to maintain a clean database. In China, it is mandatory to confirm one’s subscription via email and allow this customer to unsubscribe whenever.

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