Best 50+ Dofollow Backlinks in 2020

Best 50+ Dofollow Backlinks in 2020

Best 50+ Dofollow Backlinks in 2020

Before we begin to look into those Dofollow backlinks lists, let’s take a look into some background information. 

What is backlink?

A backlink is a form of website communication where it links from one website to another. It can boost your website rank significantly in the search engine results. As long as someone mentioned your website and provided a link to you, this is considered as a backlink! When your website gained recognition of other sites and authors,it is a potent indicator that your website is trustworthy. Hence, it is considered a very powerful method to improve a website’s SEO (search engine optimization) rank.  

How to gain backlinks?

Normally, your products or services should bring you organic backlinks. It will take quite some time to get them and also, not every company has the products that get good recognition. Hence, we provide lists of the best sites in each different field that actually gives backlinks. It is much easier and time saving! Note that different methods are required to get Dofollow backlinks. 

It can be done via:

  1. Guest blogging 
  2. Create great contents and use email outreach to promote them 
  3. Publicity to get brand exposure and receive organic links 

Important tips:

  • You should only use sites on the list that are relevant to your business or products. It is crucial to have your website to receive backlinks from the relevant sites. 
  • Add backlinks to your website at a humanly pace, do not add it all at once!
  • Use anchor text 

Now, let’s take a look into the lists!

Profile pages backlink list:

In order to get backlink from the sites below, you’ll need to create a user or business profile in the below sites. Make sure to fill in a genuine description of your business and insert the your website link 

Add your backlink in company description using anchor text : <a> tag 

Join the platform by filling your company details and provide website URL

Obtain a backlink by registering in the site with company details 

Present your tech stack and get a backlink from the highly rated domain. Fill up your profile and provide your tech stack solution. 

It allows you to sign up and submit your profile (includes a link of your website). The page offers extra paid promotions to boost exposure. 

Content listing sites list:

Get a backlink through signing up and sharing your link. Please ensure that your shared link and its content are relevant to your website content. 

 Create a company profile and submit the press release in order to claim a backlink 

 This site collects and evaluates submitted sites later featuring their best posts. Register with your business details which includes the blog page. 

 In order to obtain a backlink, submit content covering important topics within your field of business and include a link to your website. 

This site allows linking of your content or blog posts directly back to their original link in your site. Make sure to not duplicate your own website content to this website. 

Images and creatives list:

Create a profile and upload artwork of yours. Include a link to your website in the profile details section. 

If you register as a contributor profile, a link is allowed to be inserted in the profile section. 

Share some of your featured packaging designs, images or other graphic files linking to your website. 

Startup directories list:

Create a profile and include your unique backlink 

Is your startup based in the EU? Register your company and include your company’s website in the description. 

Add your profile and wait for the approval of your listing! 

Set up a profile and get a backlink through filling in your company details and adding your website URL. 

Claim a backlink by setting up a profile with company URL and description. 

Fill in your company details and include your website’s URL. 

Submit your company profile and add a link to your website. 

Create a profile and include the company’s URL. 

Use anchor text in providing your company’s URL on the profile section in order to get backlink. 

Submit your startup in the profile details section and provide the URL to your website.  

Product pages list:

Submit profile details and include links that list your services or products. It is a great place to get legitimate backlink and also promote your business! 

Review sites list:

To get a backlink from here, you’ll have to submit your software and be listed for review. 

Submit your website and product to earn backlink and collect user reviews. 

Join the site and share your reviews about the products. Please include your URL in the profile description and your site reviews. 

List your project for review. By doing this, you’ll get positive feedback from customers and backlink. 

Local listings list:

List your business on this site to help people to find your business locally. 

Provide business information with your business link included. 

It will not give a direct backlink but listed on this site notify Google about your business and bring additional traffic from maps and searches related to local company listings.

It doesn’t just allow users to add their company sites but also help users to get potential customers directly on site. 

Market places list:

This is superb for companies that hire in house designers. Upload vector artwork, sell it and create powerful backlink linking to your site. 

Fill up the profile section and add your website’s URL. Listing of  your products for sales will enhance your profile discovery.

Social Media platforms list:

Sign up, complete your profile and participate actively in community discussion to promote your backlink. 

Register with the network, create some posts and add a Dofollow backlink to your own website. 

Obtain a backlink through signing up and creating an event. 

It is a highly rated site. Make your first board where you’ll get to provide a link to your site after you have created your profile. 

It is not the typical social network but it connects businesses and professionals in one platform. Create a profile and submit relevant information. 

It allows users to create and share the content. Fill up your profile details and include links to your site. 

Join, submit your details together with your website URL to create a profile. Add some videos to boost the credibility of your listing. 

Register and submit details about your website. 

Video sharing SEO backlink list:

Upload your videos and make sure you add in your desired links to your page. 

Upload your videos and share them with the creator community. It allows users to include a link that directs to their website. 

Obtain backlink by uploading a video to the site. Note that upload videos that you are not going to use as you’ll lose the video copyright once it is uploaded to the site. 

Crowdfunding list:

Submit your ideas for crowdfunding and build your backlink profile. 

Submit your products and increase the chances of getting funded or potential investors and also backlink. 

Submit project ideas and claim funding. At the end of every listing, the user is able to provide a direct link to the website for more information. 

Saas Directories list:

Simply create a profile with your backlink included then wait for approval for the following sites.

Community sites list:

Provide a link in the profile section and as an example in the threads.

It allows everyone to join, sign up and publish articles. Make sure to place a link in your BIO or incorporate it into your articles. 

Comment sections list:

Join discussion of text subjects. Admin will approve your comment if it features valuable information and includes a powerful backlink. 

Use the comment section to add relevant information about your site or blog. Include anchor text with your URL in it. 

Link listing list:

Simply submit your desired links to the below sites

Online portfolios list:

Submit your own online profile and include a link to your homepage in the following sites

Forums list:

Obtain a backlink with profile creations with your link included in the following sites 

Job Exchange platforms list:

It is useful to get backlink by creating a profile and adding your company link. 

Users have to list open job positions with description of responsibilities and company information in order to get a backlink. 

A dofollow backlink must be placed when a job offer is posted in this platform. It is wise to leave your post up even if an employee has been found. 

Join and fill in your profile details and submit a job posting. 

Blog distribution list:

Suggest your site and become a contributor to the site covering your own expert area. 

Make sure to post quality content to add a backlink to your site. It also drives traffic to your site. 

That’s all for the current useful listings! It should be easier to boost your content viewing right now. Happy link building! 

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