How to use AdRoll to Create Better Performing Advertisements

How to use AdRoll to Create Better Performing Adve …


AdRoll is a performance marketing platform that has been developed using the largest advertiser data cooperative on the market in the past ten years. For marketers, this means they can attract audiences anywhere on the web and use AdRoll’s products to help attract these customers to purchase.

AdRoll was founded when Aaron Bell needed to help his wife Sarika start the nutrition bar business. When Aaron tried to buy some online advertising for his business, he quickly discovered how difficult it is for startups to buy display advertising. He also realized that many people came to their website, but most of them did not buy the goods, so he decided to use his programming skills to solve these two problems. Soon after founding AdRoll, he set up a simple repositioning process to show their nutrition bars to those rebounding customers, realizing that it worked not only for their brand, but also for any brand that sells products online.

Since these humble beginnings, AdRoll has grown into a more complex, AI-driven big data company. However, regardless of the new size and complexity, AdRoll is still committed to helping marketers advertise and win new customers.

What is included in AdRoll?

AI bidding

BidIQ is the core of AdRoll, which is an AI that will continuously learn and improve based on millions of signals from AdRoll’s 30,000 advertisers. Using BidIQ, AdRoll can connect companies with more than 1.2 billion digital profiles through online, social and mobile channels. This kind of bidding AI can make 2.5 million predictions per second to help AdRoll customers deliver the best ads with the highest value.

AdRoll Prospecting

AdRoll’s Prospecting product uses this AI to analyze existing customer data on your website to obtain signals of intent, such as previous purchases, viewing product pages, and event registration. Based on this wealth of information, AdRoll can then help you find the best potential customers. Moreover, because AdRoll looks for highly active and high-quality new audiences, the visitors brought by Prospecting are usually more attractive than organic traffic.

AdRoll Retargeting

Industry indicators show that the conversion rate of e-commerce is usually between 1-2%. This means that 98% of people who visit your site will not make a purchase on their first visit. The most effective solution is to bring those visitors back and reposition them.

For some reason, AdRoll is known as the leader of repositioning. Retargeting is one of the most cost-effective ways to convert customers who have shown interest in your product. When someone visits your website, AdRoll places a so-called cookie in their browser, which is a small piece of code that allows you to target ads to them after they leave your website.

By using this code, AdRoll can display your product in front of potential customers through the web, social media, and even across multiple devices. In many cases, up to 5 interactions with your brand can really lead to sales, so if you don’t retarget your campaign, you may lose a lot of potential customers.

AdRoll Email

Email has always been considered one of the most effective marketing channels, which is why AdRoll launched AdRoll email in 2016. What sets AdRoll Email apart from other vendors is that all data is supported. Using customer browsing data on your website, AdRoll can build an email containing customer product recommendations for you.

If a potential customer viewed some products on your website or added a product to a shopping cart and then abandoned it, AdRoll emails can show these exact products in the email you send. In this way, you can accurately show your customers what they are interested in and get closer to selling. This customization method means that the average open rate of AdRoll email customers is 50-60%, and the click-through rate is 10-20%. 

Custom Design

Custom design services may be one of AdRoll’s best but often overlooked products. Because AdRoll wants your campaign to be successful, they have a design team to design ads for you. This service is for customers who spend more than a certain threshold, but for many AdRoll customers, it is definitely available.

Having a group of professional designers who make a living from advertising is a huge asset, which sets AdRoll apart from many other platforms. Gaining all industry expertise can reduce those tedious click-through rates and make them the industry-leading click-through rates quickly.

This service is ideal for medium to enterprise-level businesses that run multiple campaigns each year. Most digital advertisers believe that it is important to change ads frequently, so as to prevent potential customers from causing ad fatigue. With additional design power, advertisers can stay fresh and relevant more often.

AdRoll Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads allow you to display customized ads based on what your customers have viewed. For example, if someone browses a pair of shoes in your online store, you can not only show them an advertisement for the shoes, you can also show them a pair of shoes that they have viewed before. 

People click on dynamic ads far more often than static ads. According to a large amount of data from AdRoll, the click-through rate of dynamic ads is twice higher than that of static ads, and the cost per acquisition is reduced by 50%. In fact, according to a recent report by Accenture, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy products from retailers. These retailers will identify by name and recommend options based on past purchases or understand their purchases and history.

AdRoll Integrations

If you have already used platforms such as HubSpot, Shopify or Marketo, you can add retargeting to your current marketing efforts by pressing a button. Through AdRoll integration, you can add AdRoll services to platforms and tools you are already familiar with. Integrations are always updated and new integrations are constantly being added, so it is worth checking the integration page to see the available integrations.


As conclusions, AdRoll is a marketing platform dedicated to bringing the best results to customers. Whether it is achieved through potential customers, repositioning, email, ABM or any other product. Combining AdRoll’s products can obviously bring the best results, but if you want to start with a drive test, you can only use Prospecting or Retargeting, or you can use them alone. 

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