Snapchat As A Marketing Tool?

Snapchat As A Marketing Tool?

Snapchat marketing

Snapchat is a widely used photo and video sharing application that has become one of the most popular social platforms in the past few years. Shared photos and videos will be temporarily displayed on Snapchat, making it a popular place for emerging millennials.

Even if you don’t understand why the platform attracts so many users, you should not prevent you from using it to promote business development. In addition to a sharing platform, Snapchat is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to access demographic information that you may not have access to. The following information can help you use Snapchat to promote your business.

About Snapchat

Snapchat was originally a place where users shared short-lived multimedia images and videos, which was its main function. However, since the mobile app was released in 2011, the app has also become a popular tool for brands and celebrities who use the app to disclose their followers to the public. Public and branded content is now common on Snapchat, giving you access to millions of users who may become your customers.

The app added the popular “My Story” function in 2013, allowing users to edit in chronological order to help them enjoy and share past memories. Users also get a new option that allows them to set the snapshot to “semi-public” so that viewers can watch it all day. The following year, the so-called “live story” appeared. All users will receive advertisements about real-time events, and multiple users can submit snapshots organized into stories from these advertisements. In 2015, Snapchat enabled public figures to post “official stories” for self-promotion.

Why You Should Use Snapchat

More than 150 million users send 9,000 snapshots per second on Snapchat. In total, the application receives 10 billion video views every day. These numbers indicate that this photo sharing application has become a compelling platform for publishing and using user-generated content. In addition, since 2014, Snapchat has been the fastest growing network. More and more traffic on Snapchat comes from marketers and advertisers who want to build an audience through its growth.

Snapchat has added a special area for online publishers’ ad-supported content. This part of the site is called “discovery” and displays up to 1 million short video ads every day. You can use Snapchat’s advertising feature to create movie clips that represent your brand, but you can also use it in other ways to connect with a large number of potential customers.

Some Best Practices

Teasers and Previews

Videos and photos cannot be displayed on Snapchat for long, so you need to create engaging and memorable trailers to quickly cause buzz. Whether you want to promote an upcoming product or concept, you can show your message to millions of people in a short time.


Integrate Snapchat into your promotions by creating contests to allow participants to post their own images using your products. Motivate users to participate by providing the best creative prizes. You can also give people promo codes and discounts to participate in competitions and reward them for watching Snapchat stories.


You can make videos to give people an in-depth understanding of your business, including how products are made and how the office works. You can introduce users to the people behind the scenes who make your company work. When you post a video to the “My Story” section of Snapchat, users can watch it within 24 hours. When you tell a story, let your brand personality shine.


Modern marketing emphasizes providing consumers with valuable information to help them make good purchasing decisions. In this sense, you can think of Snapchat as an educational tool and use it to educate people about your industry, brand, and products. For example, consider expanding your customer service operations to include Snapchat-you can answer questions and respond to feedback. In addition, you should consider using Snapchat to distribute product tutorials and other types of informational content.

Live Events

Establish live events specifically designed for the Snapchat platform and audience. You can add virtual audiences to everything from exhibitions to product launches to add a new dimension to brand promotions. Live events where users can contribute make them feel involved, which has been proven to increase loyalty.

It is Fun

No matter what you do on Snapchat, enjoy it. Bring fun to your audience. Explore all the content enhancements available on Snapchat, including emojis, lenses, and text tools. By being creative, you can make information interesting and memorable. As you become more proficient in using Snapchat, try to think about new ways to attract followers and promote your business.

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