Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands)

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brand …

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands)

The coronavirus lockdown closed stores and interrupted the normal operations of luxury stores. They look for other ways to find target customers. In the information age, there are better ways to drive sales through online platforms than using live broadcast applications and live broadcast services that are booming in the China market. The world’s second-largest economy is constantly improving its e-commerce services.

As it continues its normal course in 2020, we provide you with the latest data on how these live streaming apps capture people’s attention and convert people’s traffic time to their platform. These portals have powerful platforms that can interact with audiences through message sharing, product promotion and commercial brands. China social media has performed well and is changing the way we share information.

The top 10 China live-streaming apps are :

  1. Yiyi Live
  2. Douyu TV
  3. Huajiao
  4. Yingke
  5. Yizhibo
  6. Taobao Live
  7. Douyin Live
  8. RED live
  9. JD Broadcast
  10. Pinduoduo Live

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands)

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands)
  1. YY live

YY Live. Currently, YY Live is China’s largest national live entertainment platform covering music, technology, outdoor, sports, games, etc., with 1 billion registered users and 122 million monthly active users. It is first built on a powerful and rich communication tool-YY Voice platform.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : YY Live

YY Live has always paid attention to the full release of UGC creativity. There are fixed participants and fans in concerts, games, chat, DJ, storytelling, and other performance forms. Since 2015, YY Live has also begun to vigorously develop PGU content and produced 1931. Girl idol group, “Big Singer”, “Crazy Coffee Coming”, “World Top 100 DJ Show” and other live broadcast series, “Nine Palaces” and so on.

2. Douyu TV

Douyu TV was launched in 2013 with the aim of attracting China customers. For those who like video games, sports, and fun things, this is an e-sports live streaming niche market. Purchase products at discounted prices. Tencent invested funds to repurchase it for product promotion activities.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : Douyu TV

However, this live broadcast platform is also very popular, providing space for hotel reservations and reservations. Holiday reservations for Hilton hotels are made through this live streaming portal. 1.2 million viewers are excited to visit Douyu TV.

3. HuaJiao

A mobile social live broadcast platform with strong domestic attributes, focusing on the lives of the post-90s and post-95s generations, and interactive sharing every day. Hundreds of celebrities settled in, and users can learn about the fresh and lively side of celebrities through live broadcasts.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : HuaJiao

Huajiao has launched hundreds of self-made live broadcasts, covering culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, music, fitness, variety shows, sitcoms and other fields. Whether it is a talk show, a band performance, or a celebrity host, you can see it in Huajiao.

4. YingKe

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : YingKe

Yingke Live, a mobile live broadcast platform.

On June 17, 2016, Tencent App released the star App May App, and Yingke Live was successfully listed.

On July 12, 2018, Pacific Century was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first stock of live entertainment on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

5. YiZhiBo

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) :YiZhiBo

The English translation of “The First Scene” is a large-scale live program created by Southern TV Station TVS1. “First Live, Live Events” is the slogan of the show. Since “First Live” premiered in 2013, it has been committed to creating the most eye-catching live broadcast event.

6. Taobao live broadcast platform

Taobao Live can be said to be the leading live broadcast platform. Taobao has been in business for so many years, and its traffic has been huge.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : Taobao live broadcast platform

For some novice live broadcasts, if you want to increase traffic in a short period of time, you can choose Taobao live broadcast to start.

7. Douyin, a fast live broadcast platform

Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcast platforms are the same type of live broadcast platforms, and they are also rising stars. Douyin and Kuaishou have become popular due to short videos, bringing video shopping models.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : Douyin

In addition to fragmented content development, video has become a popular trend, but before joining the Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcast platforms, there are certain certification thresholds, and everyone should pay attention to the relevant rules before opening.

8. XiaoHongShu live broadcast platform

The Xiaohongshu platform is a grass-planting platform with social content, but at the end of last year it officially announced the launch of the live broadcast function. However, Xiaohongshu has labeled female e-commerce companies from the beginning, so it may be a little more for the crowd…

At present, the source of the traffic of Xiaohongshu live broadcast is the platform’s own traffic and Xiaohongshuda’s private domain traffic. The recommended products are mostly cosmetics and clothing, which are basically well-known brands.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : XiaoHongShu live broadcast platform

Xiaohongshu is more suitable for recording and sharing videos. The key for brand companies to obtain live broadcasts is how to integrate scattered private domain traffic and public domain traffic.

9. JingDong live broadcasting platform

Jingdong Live Broadcast platform seems to be unknown, but the Jingdong platform has high e-commerce attributes and relatively strong consumption power. From the current Jingdong live broadcast platform, most of them focus on evaluation and physical display.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : JingDong live broadcast plaftorm

At present, does not have representative internet celebrity anchors and merchants. However, JD will be more inclined to launch a combination of explosives and anchors to attract more because of its huge user base and JD’s advantages. com’s full-category e-commerce. Merchants join.

10. Pinduoduo live broadcast platform

Pinduoduo’s live broadcast platform began to test the waters at the end of last year. Pinduoduo anchors mainly focus on small commodities, agricultural products, or local specialties with low unit prices. For brands whose demand is sinking, Pinduoduo does not have many merchants now, and it is a traffic pool that is worth a try.

Top 10 China LiveStream Apps in 2020 (Beauty Brands) : Pinduoduo live broadcast platform

The above are the top 10 most commonly used live broadcast platforms introduced as above. Of course, there are also some small live broadcast platforms, such as Mogujie, Watermelon Video, etc. Companies can choose according to their needs.

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