What Is Naver? Inside Conductor’s Naver SEO Integration

What Is Naver? Inside Conductor’s Naver SEO Inte …


The Korean e-commerce market is worth $69B. It is one of the fastest growing and fastest players in global e-commerce. Any brand that wants to expand its business globally and gain this market share needs to develop a wise SEO and content strategy for the Korean market.

This means familiarizing yourself with Naver, Korea’s largest search engine. To help you understand the needs of this key market and gain visibility, we are pleased to announce that Conductor is our first and only corporate organic marketing platform, which is provided by our cooperation with Dragon Metrics to provide Naver monthly search Volume data.

Read on to learn more about Naver and how Naver’s monthly search volume data from Conductor can help you expand your business in the Asia Pacific region.

What is Naver? How does Naver compare to Google?

Naver is Korea’s leading search engine and one of the few search engines in the world that can challenge Google’s dominance. In Korea, the popularity and use of Naver has made it the main content of daily life, and it has a major search engine market share in Korea.

The main difference between Naver and Google helps explain Naver’s regional advantages. Korean grammar is very different from English grammar. Naver search algorithm is built around the basic principles of Korean instead of English (the basis of Google’s algorithm). This allows Naver to provide search results that are highly relevant to core users.

This also means that optimizing content for Naver is completely different from optimizing content for Google. In order to increase your visibility on Naver and attract new customers in Korea, you need search data and unique insights from search engines. But access to Naver data and insights is not easy.

Naver SEO: Challenges for global companies

In order to understand customer needs and your brand’s market share on Naver, you need keyword search volume data. By registering an account on Naver Ads, the PPC platform of Naver, Korean SEOs can obtain this data directly from Naver. But for brands outside of Korea, things have become complicated.

Unless you have already registered a company and established a physical location in South Korea, creating a Naver Ads account can be difficult. Naver Ads requires an official Korean company registration number and Korean company address to register.

So, if your brand has not yet been fully established in South Korea, but you are expanding in the Asia-Pacific region and need first-hand Naver search volume data, what about SEO? That’s where the conductor comes in.

The first enterprise SEO solution for Naver and APAC: Conductor + Dragon Metrics

At Conductor, our mission is to provide marketers with search technology and support to help them reach and help customers everywhere. Therefore, we cooperated with the leading APAC SEO solution Dragon Metrics to become the first and only corporate organic marketing solution that provides monthly keywords in Naver (and China’s top search engine Baidu!) popularity.

Using Naver’s monthly search volume data from Conductor + Dragon Metrics, you can develop a data-oriented content strategy in Korea, optimize international digital business for maximum visibility, and establish with customers in the Asia-Pacific region before competitors Deeper connection.

Dragon Metrics enables us to provide the highest possible quality of Naver and Baidu search data, as well as the deepest digital marketing expertise in the entire Asia Pacific region, in a way that other SEO solutions cannot provide. Dragon Metrics has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, which supports its industry-leading data accuracy and stability.

Source from : https://www.conductor.com/blog/2019/12/naver-seo-integration/

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