What is Reddit?

What is Reddit?

Reddit calls itself the “Internet homepage”, which is not bragging. According to the writing of this article, according to Alexa, Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the United States and 18th in the world. So, what exactly is Reddit? Essentially, this is a huge collection of forums where people can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts.

The jargon and design of Reddit

Reddit is divided into more than one million communities called “subreddit”, each of which involves a different topic. The name of subreddit starts with /r/, which is part of the URL used by Reddit. For example, /r/nba is a subdirectory where people talk about the National Basketball Association, and /r/boardgames is a subdirectory where people talk about board games. These are simple and straightforward sub-edits, but they can become weird, such as /r/birdswitharms, a sub-category dedicated to shooting birds with birds.

If you are watching Reddit for the first time, you may be a little confused about what you see, so here is a brief summary. The home page (or “home page”) shows you various posts that are currently popular on the site extracted from various sub-bookmarks. You can sort these posts by clicking one of the icons on the ribbon menu below the “Create Post” text box. These icons will sort the posts by “Best”, “Hot”, “New”, “Hot” or “Rising”.

Reddit front page screenshot

If certain conditions are met, only sub-indexes can be created for topics. That is, you must have a Reddit account, your account must have a useful life of at least 30 days, and your account must be relatively active, and you must have received the least “karma” points due to the activity. The exact required karma points are not necessarily high, but only Reddit knows.

Subreddit is managed by moderators (“mods” for short). Volunteers can edit the appearance of specific subreddit, indicate the types of content allowed in subsubdit, and even delete posts or content or prohibit users from entering subreddit. Reddit as a whole is managed by Reddit administrators and employees, who have powerful powers on the site, including the ability to deprive the moderator of privileges, and even prohibit the deletion of the entire subreddit from the site.

Next to the message, you may see up and down arrows and a number. Users can click the arrow to vote or vote on the article, increase or decrease its visibility, and the number reflects the current total number of votes and downloads. Reddit users can also vote and reject other users’ comments. Each account has a karma number, which indicates how many karma they have received in their comments. Karma won’t make your Reddit loot or similar attract you, but it does help improve your reputation in the Reddit community.

Like most online communities, Reddit has its own language. Redditor tends to use abbreviations such as OP, TIL, IAmA and AMA. OP just refers to “original poster” in a thread, while TIL refers to “I have learned today” and is one of the most common abbreviations you will see. Many posts are simple TIL observations and implementations. Both IAmA and AMA are probably Reddit’s most popular features: the Ask Me Anything thread. In AMA, a famous person, such as Barack Obama or Nick Provideman, or someone who has experienced a unique life (or a painful person, such as a woman disabled by a bear , Knock it back and drive four miles). Down the mountain, her face hangs down), which makes him or herself curious about Reddit. The clues generated are some of the most insightful, humorous and charming interviews you have ever read.

Users can give rewards to other users to identify and highlight posts that the giver really likes. It costs Reddit Coins to grant rewards. You can buy Reddit Coins as a way to support the community.

Another way to support the community is to purchase Reddit Premium, the site’s membership program. Advanced users only pay $6 a month to access features that are not available to ordinary users and test them before publishing them to the wider Reddit community. Becoming a premium member means you can’t see ads, it allows you to visit /r/lounge, which is a super secret subreddit, where the smartest people on Reddit get together to engage in witty dramas (or other), And other benefits. Premium members also regularly provide coins for rewards. You don’t need to buy Reddit Premium to have fun on Reddit, but it is a way to support a website, gain privileges, and invest in the community.

Remember, Reddit is a group of people meeting on the Internet, sharing things and talking to each other. That’s it. If you hang out with new or old friends, take action. Please pay attention to your language and publishing location (some subdirectories are not friendly to off-topic publishing). Reddit has become a popular center for many topics (good, bad and niche). The community has also taken steps to make the site more inclusive by removing clear content from the public homepage.

Signing up

If it sounds like Reddit, you can sign up by clicking the blue Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the Reddit homepage. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to create an account. Reddit also does not restrict you to one account. You can set up multiple usernames and then choose a username to log in, depending on the subdirectory you intend to participate in. For example, certain subdirectories encourage individuals to display posts, and it may be useful to have one role in it and another role in it. Sports competition. Some people create a one-time account when seeking interpersonal or professional advice.

After logging in, Reddit will provide suggestions on how to find popular forums you might want to check out. If you already know which community you want to join, just type it in the search bar. You can also search for related terms to see what appears.

Once you find your favorite subdirectories, you can subscribe to them. Then, your homepage will contain posts from subscribed sub-bookmarks. The navigation bar will display a drop-down list of all subscriptions, allowing you to easily move around in your favorite communities. You can also group related subreddit into custom feeds-for example, put /r/nba, /r/nba discussion, and a single team subreddit into a basketball multireddit. To add a subreddit to a custom feed, navigate to the subreddit in question and click on the “three dots” icon next to the phrase “about community”. A menu will pop up where you can choose to add to the custom feed. Then, follow the prompts to add subreddit to an existing custom feed or create a new feed.

You can join any sub-ideas without any restrictions, and the topics are diverse, which means you will never get bored. Of course, the biggest attraction of Reddit is that it can be anonymous, or it can be as low social as you want. This is one of the reasons it attracts and attracts so many subscribers.

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